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Yedoo Balance Bikes Comparison - YooToo, TooToo and OneToo

Yedoo means "I’m Riding!" in Czech. These great little balance bikes are made to last and come with real components like air tires, tekro-V breaks and much more. The Yedoo Balance Bikes come in four variations.  

Here's a look at the main differences between the four Yedoo Balance Bikes:

Yedoo YooToo

As the only one in the OOPS line, it has an aluminum frame and a two-position rear fork that allows even greater seat height range. The height of the YooToo saddle begins at 29 cm, so it is suitable for children from  around 18 months and allows for an extra 2cm hight adjustment when they get bigger.

The aluminum frame and aluminum handlebars reduce the weight of this balance bike to just 3.4 kg / 7.49 lb! Aluminum is also durable and resistant to any stress. The oval shape of the frame makes grabbing and carrying easier.

The main frame is the silver aluminum and the fork and break cables add the matt color components to it. Choose from six different color options.

Kids will not outgrow the YooToo quickly! Due to its durability and components this balance bike can be pasted down to younger siblings or easily be sold as second hand  and will bring more joy to many other kids to follow.

Color version of Yedoo YooToo Balance Bike

Yedoo TooToo

The Yedoo TooToo Balance bike is the most colourful of the OOPS balance bike line and comes in many two color tone variations. Like the YooToo, it is light, fast, safe and easy to use. Although it has a steel frame, thanks to lightweight components (handlebars, sleeves and rims) the weight is just 3.7 kg/ 8 lb.

The seat height adjustment range is slightly lower than for YooToo, due to the absence of a two-position rear fork, but the range of 30-41 cm ensures that children will be able to enjoy the bike for several years.

Like YooToo, TooToo boasts premium features such as grips with extended and reinforced ends, the bearing wheel headset with integrated backstops, reflective elements on tires and on the protective handlebar cover, as well as V-brake with child friendly small lever.

Note: The Yedoo TooToo comes as a limited special edition like the "little sailor or the emoji versions.

Color version of Yedoo TooToo Balance Bike

Special Edition Yedoo TooToo

Yedoo OneToo with breaks

This bike, even with basic equipment, can do miracles. It will teach your children to keep balance, orient themselves outdoors and njoy the freedom of being active. Without noticing they overcome longer distances, strengthen their muscles and develop motor skills. All happens in a playful way.

For a better orientation in our models, we need to mention that in the basic equipment the bearing head assembly is replaced by a plastic one, which does not allow the installation of the backstops. Therefore, pay more attention to your kids, especially in the beginning until they learn to turn safely. Reflective elements are on handlebar protection but not on the tires.

The Yedoo OneToo Balance Bike features extended grip ends, a reflective print over handlebar protection and an ergonomically shaped saddle. With the total weight of 3.8 kg, OneToo is still one of the lightest balance bikes in its class.

The OneToo model comes in several different single colors with bright color coded break cables to make it more fun.

Color version of balance bike Yedoo OneToo with breaks


Back to the basics and still awesome!

Yedoo OneToo without breaks

This bike, even with basic equipment, can do miracles. 

This basic model has all the features of the OneToo but without the breaks. 
Compare to other balance bike brands out there, this little bike still features air tires and not the foam tires that barely last through one child. 

Check it out here Yedoo OneToo without breaks

Here we go, no matter which Yedoo balance bike you choose, it sure will bring prolonged joy, teaches mobility and balance starting at a young age.


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