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New Calgary Bike Parks!

Pump tracks have finally caught on in Calgary, in a big way! With asphalt tracks in Fairview and South Glenmore, and new dirt tracks in Livingston and another behind Garmin in Cochrane, (not to mention the existing parks in Fishcreek, Black Diamond, Chestermere and Canmore, there is now choice and opportunity around much of the city.

South Glenmore - Open Aug 15

Two asphalt loops that flow exquisitely. The right track is easier, but still incorporates different sized bumps and berms for variety. The left track is a bit trickier with a triple berm off the start, that will require riders to manage their speed, especially if they’re on a second lap. Big berms, smooth transitions allow for confident riding. Turn your head and look to the exit and rail the berms! Parking at the end of 90th ave SW or ride!

Designed by Velosolutions Canada for the Parks Foundation Calgary and Calgary Mountain Bike Alliance.

South Glenmore Pump Track Calgary South Glenmore Pump Track Calgary South Glenmore Pump Track Calgary

Fairview - Opened in July

Two-part pump track. Small beginner loop and then a bigger loop, with an optional expert-only jump line (beware, there isn't much time to correct between jumps). The big loop flows nicely and allows for full speed and manual options. Nice views of downtown. Park in local businesses or on the side streets. Parking in the alley is not recommended.

Built by Bike-Track for the Community of Fairview with support from the Parks Foundation Calgary

Fairview Pump Track

Cochrane - Open Aug 15

Dirt pump/jump track with lots of options for skills. Kid approved! Located behind Garmin. Built by Hang Time Bike Parks for Bike Cochrane.


Dirt pump track in NE Calgary. Nice whoops and berms that give good flow. Gravel topping will allow for riding in wet weather. Built by Bike-Track for Brookfield Residential

Still to come - Montgomery Bike Park (please donate!) - Harmony - Marda Loop

Other Calgary and Alberta Bike Park List

Cleary Hedghog

Pump Track Terms

Bumps/Whoops - Allow the rider to generate speed without pedalling. Lift on the up-face, push on the down-face of whoop and you will get progressively faster.

Berms - Built up corners that allow you to go fast and maintain traction. Adjust your height on the berm based on your speed. If fast, go up near the red lines, if you’re slower, aim a little lower down the face. You can pedal in the berm if necessary, without risking hitting your pedals.


1 - Lower your seat as far as it can go, so that you can stand on your pedals and pump the bike with your arms and legs with maximum seat clearance.

2 - Trust the berm, riding on the flat part of the corner is actually harder and gives you less grip than going around a little way up the wall.

3 - Pedal in the berms, if necessary. Don’t pedal on the whoops or you’ll hit your pedals. 

4 - Play - try different lines. Do you follow the red lines in the triple berms, or cut the corner? Which is faster?

Always wear a helmet, gloves, knee and elbow pads and ride within your skills.

ShredXS bike gloves  


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