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How to teach a child to scooter

Lots of kids will pick up scootering quite intuitively, while others might require more time and support from their parents. Below are some tips to keep the learning process smooth and fun for everyone involved!

Kids learning to ride a scooter

1. Start them at the right age. Remember, every child is different! The best age to start scootering will vary from child to child, but in general we recommend you start your child on a scooter at age 4 or later. Until then, balance bikes are an awesome tool to improve your child’s balance and teach them the fundamentals of steering and braking.

2. Choose the right scooter. Choosing a properly fitted scooter for your kid is essential. Your child will likely find it difficult to handle a scooter that is too large or too heavy, which can lead to frustration and reluctance to continue learning. Incorrectly set handlebar height, poorly adjusted brakes, etc. also tend to slow down the learning process.
Small child trying out a new Yedoo scooter.

3. Choose the best learning environment. Choosing the best possible location is sure to improve your child’s chances of success and willingness to learn, so look for a quiet place with a smooth surface! Avoid roads and busy bike paths, so that your child is able to focus on their coordination and balance rather than their
surroundings. Flat driveways or asphalt paths at parks are ideal.

Girl riding a scooter on a pathway

4. Keep your child motivated! Before going out, make sure to present learning to scooter as an exciting event to look forward to together! Time spent together is often great motivation for children. If your child has a friend or a sibling that already knows how to ride a scooter, have them join the fun! The presence of a more experienced child can help kids to overcome the fear of new
activities. (Link to how to keep a kid motivated)

5. Good attitude and low expectations. During the event, keep a positive, upbeat attitude, and celebrate every small success! Be sure not to pressure the child, and don’t expect them to learn to ride perfectly in one afternoon. Ending the session when the child is frustrated will make them reluctant to pick up the scooter again another day, so always end on a positive note, and have a backup activity planned.

6. Let your child experiment before you offer advice. When instructing your child, go about it slowly. Give them a chance to get a feel for the scooter independently, then offer some tips. For example, turning will be easier if they lean with their body and look where they want to go, rather than if they turn the handlebars sharply. Once the child seems to feel safe and comfortable on the scooter, start to teach leg switching. It is common for people to favour one leg over the other while scootering, so remind your child that leg switching is important for a healthy back and even burdening of the legs. It is best to switch legs every 5-6 push-offs on flat ground, and even more frequently when riding uphill.

7. Celebrate! Once your child has successfully mastered scootering, take a family scooter trip to your favourite ice cream shop! We wish you the best of luck in your scootering adventures, and look forward to seeing you enjoying the great outdoors with your little ones.

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