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Covid-19 Update - We are still shipping

Our family is currently practising all recommended measures by the government of Canada. Home schooling, working from home, and not socializing is the new norm. 

The good news is, we are continuing to ship bikes across Canada! From the increase in shipments this week, biking is clearly on everyones minds. Here's what is in-place to reduce contact:

All couriers are doing contactless drop-offs. They will ask for your name, but you don't need to touch their pads or sign.

Delivery Protocol

The bikes in boxes were all packaged weeks/months ago so there is no risk of virus inside. Cardboard is a poor host for the virus. If you are concerned, let it sit 24hrs, disinfect the cardboard or open with gloves knowing the inside has a low risk.

If you are getting a bike in Calgary, we do still have the option for assembly and delivery. All assembled bikes will be wiped down thoroughly upon assembly and again at drop-off. Leaving the bike to sit for three days decreases risk.

Forbes article

Lastly, should anyone in our household get sick, we will suspend shipments for 14days (and it would be updated here). Any orders in the cue will be notified.

We thank our customers for their continued support during these difficult times. 

Stay Healthy - Stay Sane - Go Ride A Bike!

Lina & Mike