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How to Use the Tow-Whee

The Tow-Whee is for uphill use only & must be disconnected when going downhill. 


To connect the Tow-Whee start at the trailing bike & simply pull it through its own loop just below the handle bar stem above the bike frame. Do not connect directly to handlebars.

You can also use our optional Quick Loop for faster connections.

At the lead bike loop it over the nose of the seat or connect to the riders belt. This system has not been approved by any seat or post manufacturer & we do not accept any liability. Using with a belt is recommended. (Carabiner Optional) 

Have fun on bigger adventures together!

Good communication between riders is important & requires practice. Have the second rider clearly state "Stop" or "Slow" if they feel out of control. 

Shown with optional quick loop & carabiner.