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Which bike shops carry Cleary Bikes in Canada

Can you ship to anywhere in the world?

Do you sell your demo bikes?

How can I discuss selling Cleary Bikes in my bike shop?


What is the inseam and How do I measure my childs inseam?

How do I choose the right bike size for my child?


What is your standard warrenty?

I purchased the wrong bike color/model, can I exchange it?

Can i get replacment parts?

What kind of tires do your bikes have and where can I get new tires?

The rear derailleur hanger is bend. How can I fix it?

What kind of chain can I use on your bikes?

Can I get replacement grips?


Where are your bikes made?

What is a flip-flop hub?

How do I tell if I have a filp-flop hub or a non-flip-flop-hub?

Why do you use steel in your bikes?

Do you have bottle cages for your bikes?

Can I get a riser bar for the Cleary Gecko?

Can Cleary Bikes be used without pedals?

Can I get fenders for your bikes?

Can I get a kickstand for your bikes?

How can I remove a freewheel from my bike?

How do I add the reflectors on my bike?

Can I shorten the seat post?

Can I shorten the reach from my seat post?

How can I adjust the saddle?

Can I raise the handlebars?

Why is my 3-Speed Owl hard to shift?

Can I add training wheels to my bike?

Do you replace parts on your bikes?

How do I adjust the chain tension?

What is the difference between a coaster wheel and a freewheel?

Do knobby tires fit on the Cleary Bikes?

Can I get different size gears for the bikes?

Do you have child specific breaks for your bikes?

Can i change my riser bar to a BMX style bar?

Can I change the sprocket on a bike?